Treat your members/ students/ patrons to a creative experience they'll never forget!

We travel outwards at a 25-mile radius from the heart of Binghamton, NY.

Fundraise for a favorite cause | Stress relief | Bond with students, coworkers, friends, family | Celebrate a Birthday | Bachelorette | Wedding Shower | Baby Shower,  you name it!  You can even choose an informal painting theme for your group, where people can do their own interpretations of the theme.


Organizations & Private Residences:

  • $60/hour studio fee + flat traveling fee of $60 + per item painted = Your total

Non-profits & Schools:

  • $60/hour studio fee + flat traveling fee of $60 + per item painted = Your total
  • Get a 10% discount on your total. 

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes:

  • Studio and traveling fees are waived. We treat your patrons to a special event, charging people per item painted via our mobile register. We partner with you to promote this special event. We can pair glass styles to drink specials, inquire! We encourage everyone to eat, drink, paint, and be merry. We call this an 'A La Carte' event- catchy right? Contact us directly for scheduling details.


  • 2-hour kids party (Each person paints 1-2 items)  *At least one parent/teacher must be present per 8 children present
  • 3 hour adult/teen/mixed-age party (Each person paints 1-2 items)


Choose from the following $8 items:

  • $8: Stemmed wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne glasses,  margarita glasses, basic ceramic mugs, basic glass mugs, Stemless wine glasses, pint glasses, tulip glasses, glass bowls.


We are flexible, choose your best possible time and we can work from there.


Minimum of 10 attendees to book, maximum of however many your space can accommodate. 

We come with all the painting supplies and items needed.  We protect your tables, and provide your members/ students/ patrons with a unique, fun activity. Choose a time and date that is ideal for customers/members/students. Everyone is free to paint whatever ideas they like, and choose whatever colors they like.  We provide idea books and friendly guidance as they paint.   (Please note: we require access to a sink for proper set up and clean up.) We need 30 minutes for set up (before event officially begins) and 30 minutes for proper clean up (once painting time is complete). 

Everyone works at their own pace, and that's okay! If anyone is unfinished painting at the close of the event, they are given a ticket that allows them to visit our studio during Drop In Hours to complete their work, free of charge!

Feel free to incorporate snacks, drinks, and other fun things into your time with us! We can break for toasts, gift opening, etc.



This is a Request Form, not a confirmation of booking.  Please try to give at least 2 weeks lead time for booking request. Please wait for us to contact you directly to finalize date, time, deposit info, and details. $60 Deposit is due at time of finalized booking.  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Cancellation policy: If you have to cancel, kindly do so at least 1 week in advance of party to avoid loss of deposit.  Thank you!

Mobile event EXAMPLES

Our formula:  $60/hr studio rate + flat $60 traveling fee + per item painted = Your Total
  • Kid's Mobile Event: 2 hours, 15 kids each painting 1 $8 item = $300 ($20/child)
  • Kid's Mobile Event: 2 hours, 30 kids each painting 1 $8 item= $400 ($13/child)
  • Kid's Mobile Event: 2 hours, 10 kids each painting 2 $8 items= $340 ($34/child)
  • Adult or Teen Mobile Event: 3 hours, 10 adults each painting 2 $8 items = $400 ($40/person)
  • Adult or Teen Mobile Event: 3 hours, 30 adults, each painting 2 $8 items = $660 ($22/person)